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The Money Eaters


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Earworm 02:55
EARWORM Digging in, burrowing in, singing in madness. Etch me, carve me with your melody.
The Emerald 04:43
THE EMERALD Gaia the geisha, your skin is just a mask for the pain. Gaia the geisha, your skin, our sinning ways. Gaia the geisha, I hope you hear me screaming. Gaia the geisha, and forgive all our sins. I want you, please believe; that you're the Emerald, and that's your colour. I need you to breathe, 'cause you're the Emerald. Heed the message, it's written on the winds of time. Heed the message, least we forget our pledge. Heed the message, at least for our children.
Kiss the Weapon Kiss the weapon! As it bleeds through good intentions. Bite the bullet! Should it make you cold? What made your weapon unleash hell on us? What makes your weapon impress the trigger, pull the trigger? Killers on both sides. They’re famous, so what’s next? Choose the Goddess.
Touch Power 04:23
Calling all the witnesses, to observe the physical strength. Calling all the Watchers, calling all Believers. Calling all the Human Heathens. Come and see our cosmic sun eat us whole. Come and witness as we show you forever, in a room; as we… Touch power. Feel it, be the only one. To shine a light, come alive as we, touch the sun. As we Touch Power. As we touch the sun.
The Capital 01:03
THE MONEY EATERS The Money Eaters, the troglodyte deceivers with virgin coated oil throats. Construction fiends, the symptomatic need to end us all. You can dig all you want, but you'll never find the water with your overgrown shovels. I'll sign this chorus: Yours in materialism, The Money Eaters. Just leave some space for the rest of us to be buried, you Money Eaters.
DON'T SAVE ME Haven't I told you more than once that it only makes it worse when you're drinking? Now you're on your knees, incoherent speech. Shaking out of your frame as I try to help you up. That's when she says... No, I don't need you to save me. Because I know I could easily save myself. As dawn approaches, something dies in your eyes, put away in a box called Don't Save Me. Awaken to the sound of pain, and finding you again makes it too real. Shaking my eyes dim, Shaking my life thin. Finding you again, and I try to help you up. We've both got our mountains to climb.
Blue Candles 00:25
Mobility 04:38
Mobility I lost my mobility, then I became lost. Forgot my passion, but I paid the cost. This city is a dwelling maze, I wandered round for days. Forgot my own name, in so many ways. You're in this alone. No one calling on the phone to contemplate your own mess. Satellite, find me. Not this poor man you see. Come on it's not too late for mobility. I lost it in a swath of green, I watched it float away. Then I remembered myself, to my disdain. You don't see me. Dead bodies in the dreaming pools.
Converse 04:40
Converse Verse 1 Are you without body? What steps do you take to live? Where is all your energy? Naked and lying on the floor. Make some space for truth, spoken, never shouted out. Are you without body now? Chorus Hear my words. So hear my words… No, not to preach, but to converse in conversation. Verse 2 Look at me when I speak, and I will show you honesty. Eyes of bewilderment; ears of compassion hold. Bridge Are you without body now? In conversation, now. Hear my words.
The Eaters 00:43
Bury Life 04:29
Bury Life Let me carry on from where I leapt off I don't have fear of open spaces any more you've taken care of that with all your building on, and on, and on… Is it in the nature of human expansion to kill? Don't bury life…here with me: please don't bury life…here with me… I'll choke, Ill fade away: don't bury life…here with me. A chain of words won't bring back creation. We crush, we break, we stomp, we shake. It's in the nature of human expansion to kill.
The Light that Never Ends Call me crazy! Or nothing at all Look straight in me, into everything, And all is, and all is… Joy beyond words that you’ve never heard; a blanket of peace, I try to retain it all! Silence beckons me into the light that never ends. Confrontation! Or nothing at all. Look straight in you, into everything, And all is, and all is… Joy beyond words that you’ve never heard; a blanket of peace, I try to retain it all! ALL. We’ve misplaced our God. This peace is for everyone. It’s the light that never ends. This is not about death.
Tin 04:09
What do you want from me? A public apology? Well you won't get it for free; no you won't, 'cause it's not that easy. What do you want from them? Their bleeding hearts again? Well I hope you get it for free. You won't, 'cause it's easy. Do you really expect me to listen? To you? What do you want from me? Whatever you want from me, it's FUCKED; for the chosen one.


Debut album from South African progressive rock band HOKUM


released June 16, 2015

Scott Wareham
Conrad de Jong
Jason Jackson


all rights reserved



HOKUM Johannesburg, South Africa

HOKUM are a progressive rock band from South Africa. We play music that heeds our call. Come with us.

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